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We learn English – the basic training

We learn English – in Russian

  1. Text 1: We Learn Foreign Languages
  2. Text 2: We Learn Foreign Languages (Continued)
  3. Text 3: The Working Day of an Engineer
  4. Text 4: My Friend is a Children's Doctor Now
  5. Text 5: My Last Week-End
  6. Text 6: My Friend's Family
  7. Text 7: My Sister's Flat
  8. Text 8: At the Library
  9. Text 9: A Telephone Conversation
  10. Text 10: A Letter to a Friend
  11. Text 11: A Visit to Moscow
  12. Text 12: In the Lunch Hour (Meals)
  13. Text 13: They are Leaving Moscow
  14. Text 14: A Sea Story (after W. W. Jacobs)
  15. Text 15: Shopping
  16. Text 16: From Verkhoyansk to Sukhumi
  17. Text 17: The United Kingdom
  18. Text 18: The Childhood and Youth of Dickens
  19. Text 19: The Lavrovs
  20. Text 20: An Incident from the Life of a Russian Revolutionary
  21. Text 21: Now He Belongs to the Ages
  22. Text 22: The Open Window (after H. Munro)
    The Open Window (Continued)
  23. Text 23: Her First Night
  24. Text 24: A Piece of Soap (after H. Munro)
    A Piece of Soap (Continued)
  25. Text 25: Post Haste (after Colin Howard)
    Post Haste (Continued)
  26. Text 26: Mr Winkle on the Ice (after Charles Dickens)
    Mr Winkle on the Ice (Continued)
  27. John Reed's Biography (by Albert Rhys Williams)
    John Reed's Biography (Continued)
  28. Mark Twain Biography
    Mistaken Identity (by Mark Twain)
    Mistaken Identity (Continued)
  29. Dialogues: The Hotel
  30. W. Somerset Maugham Short Biography
    The Creative Impulse (by W. S. Maugham)
    The Creative Impulse (Episode 2)
    The Creative Impulse (Episode 3)
    The Creative Impulse (Episode 4)
    The Creative Impulse (Episode 5)
    The Creative Impulse (Episode 6)
    The Creative Impulse (Episode 7)
  31. Dialogue: Impressions of a Film
  32. O. Henry Short Biography
    He Overdid it (from the story “The Rathskeller and the Rose” by O. Henry)
    The Rathskeller and the Rose (Episode 2)
    The Rathskeller and the Rose (Episode 3)
  33. Theodore Dreiser Short Biography
    A Future Businessman (from “The Financier” by Theodore Dreiser)
    The Financier (Episode 2)
    The Financier (Episode 3)
  34. Dialogues: At the Office

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